Natural fabrics we print on

When you buy online, there are different fabric options to choose from:  Linen, Linen/Cotton Blend and Cotton.

We will try to explain which fabric is suitable for which product and what the effect of the image/artwork is on different fabrics.


Let’s start with Linen:

Natural linen will always be unpredictable in a way. As it is woven from the flax plant, it is influenced by natural elements and each run (roll of fabric) will be unique.

Natural linen is durable, strong, long-lasting, and prone to wrinkles.  It is highly absorbent and breathable.  

Natural linen will fade if it is exposed to direct sunlight. You will notice fading much quicker with darker colours, so if it will be exposed to sunlight, rather choose lighter colours.

Linen is the most expensive and sustainable fabric in the world.

Imperfections are a sign of true linen.

Here at LAPERLE, we print on different linens according to its thickness and colour.  There is Oatmeal coloured linen, which is the most well-known, but then we also print on White linen.  


Let’s have a closer look:

300g Oatmeal linen often used for tablecloths and scatter cushions.  Our Lux Range is printed on this linen.

The thickness is very much the same, but the texture differs.  We mainly print on 245g linen.  Both thicknesses are perfect for tablecloths, table runners, scatter cushions and even aprons. We’ve done curtains with this fabric too.

Note the imperfections due to the fact that natural fibres are used.


When images or artwork is printed on a white coloured linen, the effect will be more vibrant than when printed on an oatmeal linen.  Oatmeal linen will give a more “vintaged” or weathered look.

Do keep in mind what you will print and where you will be using the final product when choosing a fabric.


Printed linens:

Note the difference in texture on the three samples and the “imperfections” especially visible on the 300g Oatmeal linen.

Remember – the image on your screen won’t reflect the true colours of the actual print.

Cotton Linen Blend

Cotton Linen Blend is the best of both worlds:  you get the benefits of linen as well as cotton. Durability, absorbsion and strength.  

It will crease less than pure linen and a Cotton Linen Blend is a softer fabric than pure linen.  

We can print on a 145cm or 180cm wide fabric.  

Cotton Linen Blend is used in a wide range of products:  scatter cushions, tablecloth, table runner, napkins, placemats…

Cotton Linen Blend

Oatmeal Cotton Linen Blend​                 Printed on Cotton Linen Blend


100% Natural cotton comes in many forms

We will focus on the following:

Bull denim
Muslin – single and double


Bulldenim is made from 100% natural cotton.  It is very diverse as it is used in many products.  It is a strong fabric that is often used in upholstery, head boards, tote bags and floor pillows. It is a tight weave.


We print on Double or Single Muslin. It is a lovely, soft fabric for especially baby blankets and glass towels. It has an open weave that is breathable and perfect for summer clothes.


Poplin is the smoothest, softest and most luxurious feeling cotton. It is densely, yet simply woven, strong and silky smooth.  A perfect choice for clothing and duvet covers. Printing on this cotton fabric is very crisp due to the fine texture.


Cotton Twill is a strong fabric available in different thicknesses.  It has a diagonal woven pattern.  This fabric is opften used as chinos in men’s pants.  We often print scatter cushions on Cotton twill as it is a less expensive option for many people.


Cotton Gentry has a compact, textured weave which gives it a luxurious look. It is often used as aprons and scatter cushions.  


All the fabrics that we print on, is 100% natural and sustainable.  


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