Frequently Asked Questions


The cost is R450 per square meter. To work out how many square meters is needed:
width(m) x height(m) = square meter.

We recommend sending us an email with the exact dimensions(width x height) and a photo. As the cost might differ if there are obstructions in the intended wall area such as windows or doors.

The artwork is laid out on wallpaper panels. The panel width is 1320mm, therefore we require the exact dimensions (width x height) to lay the artwork out. We add a 50mm bleed around the artwork & a 20mm overlap between panels to ensure a seamless installation.

Yes, we offer wallpaper installation for Cape Town and the surrounding areas. The cost is R190 per square meter. An additional call-out fee will could be charged depending on location.

Custom wallpaper prints are welcome! All custom wallpaper prints must be high resolution images or vectors that will allow resizing. Please provide us with your artwork and the size you require and we will advise.


Our inners are filled with goose and down and feathers. The filling is hypoallergeninc, heat regulating and has a longer lifespan than feather alternatives.

The down used in our pillows are received as a by-product from the poulty industry or from geese who moult as they age. The down and feathers are not sourced from any suppliers or farms that practice live plucking.