Baby Nursery Ideas

When a little baby is born, we realise more than ever, what a great miracle and precious gift it is that is entrusted to us. As much as it is a huge responsibility, it is a great privilege. Nowadays it is not guaranteed that a couple will easily fall pregnant – for various reasons couples have to turn to treatment and this is also not a given that a little baby will soon fill your heart.
 But IF there is a little one on the way, we need to get the nursery ready in time. Congratulations!
 Baby Blanket Nursery
You have a lot to organise so where do we start?
Do not spend a lot of money as the little one will soon outgrow the nursery and you will need to adjust it as they grow.  Rather make provision for early stages, keep it simple and make provision for a crib, chair, baby changing station but also a bed.
Colour scheme
Neutral, bright, pastel colours, themed….
The trend lately was for a very neutral room and yes, it needs to be a calm and peaceful environment BUT colour and its influence on visual and cognitive development (the mental ability of thinking, language, perception, learning, memory) is very important.
Babies start to perceive colours from 2-4 months old.  You will see that your baby recognises bright coloured objects first. And it is good and necessary for their development.
Don’t be afraid to use adult designs and colours. The little one will grow up faster than you can imagine. 
Best colours for a baby nursery
  • White …. White is a “safe” colour if you do not want to know your baby’s gender beforehand. There are many shades of white. Play with textures, subtle wallpaper, snuggle blankets, plush and stuffed toys, pale wood.  White walls for a baby are certainly boring so play a bit with colour here and there to stimulate your baby.
  • Blue… most people love the colour blue. Whether it is soft blue, sky blue, sea blue…. Just go steady on a bright blue. Maybe a border, or picture frame, but not all 4 walls.
  • Yellow … a colour with also many shades that can be an accent to a neutral grey room. Soft banana yellow, pumpkin yellow – tone it down a bit and don’t use a loud screaming yellow. You and your baby might regret it.
  • Green… o there are so many possibilities with green. It is gender neutral and will suit both a baby boy and a baby girl.  Soft and medium greens are soothing and calming such as sage green, mint green or olive green.  And what about a forest theme…?  Green can be paired with brass, copper, and natural wood.
  • Purple… yes, it is beautiful for a baby and very trendy! Use a soft hue like a lavender colour.  Pair it with white to create a fresh look or tone it down with greys.  Use accent florals on the wall….
These colours are not the begin and end-all. Please use what you as the parent will enjoy too, as you will spend as much time in the nursery as your little one. Remember it is about you and your baby… no one else.
 Baby Cuddle Blanket  
An example of colours and designs we have available to keep your baby happy! 
Baby nursery ideas to keep in mind.
  • As in the rest of your home, do use natural elements as well, such as plants. Natural wood will add warmth.
  • A nursery can be sophisticated too, if that is what you want – use textures and materials that you use in the rest of your home to create a comfortable, serene nursery.
  • This space needs to be calm and comfortable so make use of appropriate, soothing lighting, soft carpets, and a comfortable chair.
  • Don’t clutter the room – leave enough space for a toddler to explore and play.
  • Windows should be well dressed and should block out any light if need be. But do let the sun in. It will add warmth in winter and uplift everyone’s mood.
Nursery themes that are trendy this year
  • Rainbows – still popular, yes
  • Safari animals
  • Farm animals (new and very South African)
  • Dinosaurs
  • Flowers
  • Nature
A simple collage of all the designs we have available for the Baby Duvet Cover Set and Cuddle Blanket. 
We hope your little one arrives safe and sound and that he or she will bring only joy and happiness to your life!

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