French Farmhouse Chic

French Farmhouse Chic style will appeal to a broad audience except for the modernists.  This style is chic, yet cosy and homey.

It is a combination of soft, muted colours combined with natural elements such as wicker, wood, stone walls or fireplaces and floral and botanical motifs on natural fabrics such as linen.

The use of art, gilded frames and period furniture will add charm and personality.



The main elements:


Use wood abundantly – exposed wooden beams, parquet floors, shiplap.  Wood in its raw form or if you dare:  painted in a soft white.


Stone floors, walls and fireplaces.  You can even use pavers or brick floors to achieve the same authentic feeling. Tomettes tiles will also be perfect for your flooring.  It is terracotta tiles in a hexagonal shape.


Natural fabrics such as linen and cottons.  Floral motives and botanical prints in calm and suppressed colours.  Soft knitted throws.

Patterns such as ticking stripes, gingham and checks.  Sorry, I don’t think rooster prints will work in this design...


Furniture is expertly crafted, and oversized tables and chandeliers are contrasted against rustic floors, walls, and wooden beams. Large windows to let in tons of natural light.

Furniture should not be sets of the same, but rather odd pieces put together as if it was done over time. 

No clutter and avoid having too much furniture.  There should be space to breathe and for curtains to play in the wind.


Natural colours such as worn white, wheat, river sand and cotton white. Add muted greens, dusted blue and antique pink as accents.

Avoid bright colours.   But do have pots and pots of lavender on your veranda.

If you are using mainly wooden furniture, you can balance and brighten it with light walls and fabrics.


Here are a few items from our website that you might want to add to your French Farmhouse Chic home. 


P.S So, you might want to ask me:  why I focus on a French style.  Well, I’d tell you this:  LAPERLE is intertwined with the French style.  The name LaPerle, is French for the Pearl. We are located in Paarl, where the Pearl Mountain is… long ago we had French Huguenot’s in our valley.  Does it make more sense now?

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