Bespoke and custom services

Bespoke and custom services

The word “bespoke” is a buzz word that we hear quite often, so let’s differentiate between Bespoke and Custom:

Bespoke is something that is done or made for a specific individual customer. Can we dare say: “once off”?  Bespoke is a type of custom. It is something that is made from scratch. It is made only for the specific customer.

Bespoke is more specific and intensive. It might need more skill than normal items and is therefore more expensive.

Custom made means “to measure” – a different way from usual. To meet your specific requirements. It is not something that you can buy off the shelf. If you need something within a short period of time, custom and bespoke is not an option. 

The opposite of the above is: “off the shelf” or “ready-made”. 

Where I am heading at is the bespoke and custom services and products, we supply at LAPERLE.

Though we have “standard” products available on our website and in store, we too render a service that fits your requirements like a glove. You have access to a graphic designer that will work with you personally. Let me give you a few examples:custom wallpaper


You do not buy rolls with batch numbers from us. We use the wall, ceiling, or even your cupboard’s specific measurements to digitally set up panels.  Thereafter we forward a layout of each panel as it will be printed and installed. 

It is helpful to receive images of the walls that you want to cover with wallpaper. One gets so used to looking at a room that you do not notice little corners and windows. We make provision for the extra wallpaper that might be needed for a niche, ledge, or skew walls.


Best wallpaper places Cape Town


Once you approved the layout, we print your wallpaper on 130cm wide rolls. A diagram with the installation layout is included.

You can use your own design or one of our designs and can even decide yourself on what scale(size) we should print the design. E.g., the size of a flower or a certain part of the design. That said, your image should be of a high quality.

Tablecloth and table runners

You might have inherited a huge family table, or you had one made specially to accommodate all your family members and struggle to get a tablecloth that fits. That is where our team will assist you, as we can use your table’s length and width, your chosen design and fabric, to create a new family heirloom.


Laperle bespoke products


Napkins can be made in any size you prefer – it is not only available in the sizes we sell online.  A square size might be difficult if you want to tie a knot, so then we do rectangular ones as well. We just adjust the layout; you approve it, and we deliver what you need.


  • If you have a special event coming up such as a baby/bridal shower or wedding, and you want “to do what has never been done before”, there are a few options.Dare to be different and personalise your napkins with everyone’s name printed on it – or even the menu. Choose a unique design matching the theme of the event.Giftbags for the bridal party and even kimonos would be special.
  • In business you need to stand out from the rest and be different. If you are taking the leap in opening a new business such as a flower shop, we can use your logo and design to create unique aprons for assistants.
  • Messages from BFF’s printed on a scatter cushion is a perfect gift for a teenager.
  • Grandma’s favourite recipe printed on a tea towel can be a precious gift to all her children or grandchildren.

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          Your Artwork

          We print artists’ illustrations on their chosen fabric, and in their recommended sizes. They then manufacture scatter cushions, tea towels, bags and even children’s books. 

          One of the most rewarding projects that we once did for a client, was to recreate fabric to reupholster two chairs.  The client brought an old cushion cover in a 1990’s design.  Our team redesigned it digitally and printed samples to match the colours perfectly.  You wouldn’t tell that the one piece of fabric was brand new and the other about 30 years old.

          Bespoke and custom – there is something out there that you really thought you want to do for some time now….  with your name on it.  Nothing is stopping you to do just that

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